Thursday, July 14, 2005

Daily Ditto

  • I have to admit it; I'm a little disappointed. It's sort of like that feeling NASCAR fans describe when they go to a race and secretly hope there's going to be a crash, and it turns out nothing happens and you drive home realizing you just watched a bunch of cars drive in circles for nothing. While I was relieved at the end of Minnesota Meltdown 2005, I always thought there was a legitimate chance for Minnesota Meltdown 2005 Part Deux. It was not to be. All of the remaining bills were passed, Teflon Tim made his mark, and just like that it was over. No flurry of activity, no last-minute pontificating, just a brief power outage and then a sigh into the hot Minnesota night. Whatever will I obsess about now?
  • And, really, if the DFLers want to pin this whole thing on Pawlenty, they need to come up with a better name than "Governor Shutdown." Get it together, people.
  • Quote from David Strom of Taxpayers League on Republicans who voted for the tobacco tax so as to avoid confrontation with pro-lifers: "There are people who have told me, 'If I have to choose between babies and taxes, I'll choose babies." Strom, presumably, would choose to chuck babies out of skyscrapers before paying an extra $25 on his taxes.
  • For a state party that ran and elected Norm Coleman, perhaps the slimiest pol in Minnesota history, I guess it shouldn't surprise me that a sleazer of Colemanesque proportions, Mark Kennedy, is raking in the "donations," if that's what you want to call them. What should worry Republicans, though, is that DFLer Amy Klobuchar has been keeping up with him.
  • West Nile! West Nile! Run for the hills!
  • Well, I guess spray painting the words "Eminent Domain" across your former tattoo parlor, after it was recently acquired by the City of St. Paul, is one way to teach people about the Supreme Court.
  • CJ has a severe Lindsay! Lohan! fetish. Seriously, it's creepy.

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angeedaddee said...

Funny this didn't get on the daily ditto...the piedpiper has extremely long booby hairs. One has recently measured to 2+ inches. However, instead of creating solutions as he has encouraged MN state governing bodies - he runs from the tweezers and claims pulling out the extremely long hairs is just to painful for his manly self. I call to question the credibility of the creator of this blog...