Friday, June 10, 2005

So you wanna be a hair model, baby?

The second time I became a hair model, or nearly so, came by surprise yesterday at Coffee News Cafe in St. Paul. I was standing in line to buy a chocolate chip cookie, and a woman with long, dark, curly hair approached me. Writing from memory:
Woman: Hi, would you like to be a hair model for me this Sunday? [to sweeten the deal she adds] You get a free haircut. I've been looking for a guy with the length of your hair.

Me: [not making eye contact, wearing a painful grimace on my face like a vegan looking at a piece of meat, and obviously neither flattered nor curious] No. I recently had my hair cut.
You see, the first time I became a hair model, or nearly so, came when I went with a friend to Aveda to volunteer as one. Being one of the few men there, I was eventually chosen. The girl wanted, judging by the diagram, to do some sort of triangle-cut on one side of my head. I said I would show up the next day. I lied.

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