Thursday, June 09, 2005

Daily Entree

  • The Hatch Girls faced their second day in court today. The best part is that Elizabeth's voice is referred to as "reedy" and "terrified" as she was allegedly manhandling experienced Chicago cops and bodyguards. Someone give 'em both a shot of tequila.
  • An outstate DFLer wants to put a retractable roof on the new Twins stadium through tax-increment financing. Not a bad idea. Of course, I was rather looking forward to snowed out games in April.
  • Laura Billings gives high school valedictorians a well-deserved spanking. But what about the home-schoolers?
  • State DFLers try to make cigarette "fee" an actual fee and make a tax a tax. MinnesotaCare recipients prepare to swamp emergency rooms. Republicans? They'd rather let the state shut down than compromise.
  • Chris Coleman gets a boost from Big Labor in bid to oust Supreme Pontiff Randy Kelly as St. Paul mayor.
  • Been to Pizza Luce on Lyndale lately?

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