Wednesday, June 15, 2005

Daily Digits

  • Actually taking his job seriously (with a just a small side salad of political posturing) Minnesota AG Mike Hatch has approached the courts about the conditions of a possible state government shutdown scheduled for July 1. Pawlenty's apparently backed off his earlier claim (reported in the PeP) that road construction projects would be stalled, although that's still a probable scenario. And what's Governor Yokel doing about all this? Blaming the Dems...what else! Because you see, he's the victim here. The government is not his responsibility. I mean, how much do you expect from your elected leader?
  • The NY Times finds it hilarious that Minnesotans enjoy seed art at the State Fair as well as legitmate theatre at the Guthrie. I find it hilarious that the NY Times is covering an Al Franken appearance at the U of M, while treating him like a candidate for Senate in 2008. Is it news every time Franken receives a Crock-Pot from an admirer?
  • Never mind the housing bubble and the fact that there'll be about 15,000 empty condos in downtown Minneapolis by least they're building them with style.
  • The newest Mexican Consulate will open Monday in St. Paul on East 7th Street, just north of downtown. All I can say is: it's about time.
  • Daddies lock up your daughters and mamas don't let your babies grow up to be cowboys...50 Cent and G-Unit are going to be in town this summer!

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Ilya said...

I'm surprised at the frankness of the super-upscale condo article. Unlike Santa Monica condos that provide, precisely because of their location, amazing views (I should say, "vistas") of the Pacific Ocean and the PCH, the new, "innovative" condos being built near the Old Mill district in Minneapolis will NOT "offer stunning views of either the riverfront or downtown." But, of course, that doesn't matter, the $1 million+ price tag, that is, its exchange value, is what is for sale.